Life can get so crazy, we can get caught up in our day to day lives of school, work, families, friends… life.

Sometime we can get angry, hurtful, selfish. We wonder why our lives are spiraling downwards. Things are going wrong and we question why its happening to us, and we hurt, we cry, we loss hope.


Why am I starting this blog post off so negatively?

It’s because I want you to clearly see that sometimes we can get caught up in life that we forget to spend life with God. You see we were gifted a great tool. The Bible I hear you say. Yes you are right its such a great tool and we should be delving deep into the word of God and applying it to our lives daily. But I believe theres an even greater tool we’ve been given… Prayer.

You see prayer is something we should be doing constantly throughout our lives. Its the very thing that connects us with God, Himself. It’s a way of communicating to Our Almighty God. And its not like the BT call centres where we can only talk to Him 9 – 5 on weekdays, and not on weekends, bank holidays, Christmas, Easter… Jimmy’s Birthday (well… you get what I mean).

This is an amazing tool we can use anytime of the day, whatever the holiday, wherever we are, whatever is going on. Plus you can do it on your own or with as many people as you want.

You may be sitting there saying Yes I know this already, but what I want to say is. Dont stop praying. Pray in the morning, pray during breakfast, lunch, dinner, pray in the car, at work, at school… even on the toilet. Take every moment to pray over your life, your family and friends. During times of joy and happiness, pray to God giving Him thanks and praise because He is worthy of it all. And when things go wrong, pray to Him and ask for help.

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Never stop praying.

In my life prayer has been a major help! You see when there’s been moments in my life where things have gone wrong and havent gone to plan God’s been there to help me through it. Without praying I wouldnt be where I am today. And when Im not in a good mood and I get angry with people over little things (We’re all sinners in need of God’s Grace) talking to God during that situation has made me react differently to what I would have on my own accord.

What I’m saying is… pray. Talking to God constantly, can be the most refreshing and joyful thing. He’s always there for you in the good and the bad times. It will change the way you do things in life.

Romans 12:12

Let your hope make you glad. Be patient in time of trouble and never stop praying.


All you got to do is start talking…