When I first had the idea of UK Church Online I knew that there was a need for a directory of useful links and resources for the Church to engage with during lockdown, however I didn’t expect for it to expand to what it is.

I set up the website because I saw the need to help people who were in lockdown connect with the local church and with God. I knew that some churches would find the online world a struggle and some people wouldn’t know where or what to turn to online. So I got to work at throwing together a website that directed people to what I felt they would need to be church online during this time and not loose faith while in lockdown. As the weeks and month has gone on, the website has expanded and reached far more people than I had ever first imagined.

Since launching on 19th March 2020 the website has had over 2,500 views (data taken on 8th June 2020) on the website with people finding it really helpful on a Sunday morning finding the right online church service to engage with for them. People have also been connecting with the music playlists, youth and children’s resourcesprayer tools and just really getting stuck in across the whole site.

We’ve also seen over 425 members (data taken on 8th June 2020) on our facebook group, where people have been getting really stuck in sharing resources they find, praying for one another and sharing their local services, its been amazing to see and hearing about how the group is blessing them and helping them to be church during this tough and uncertain time.

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